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  Automatic License Plate Recognition

License Plate Recognition Cameras

In any OCR based ANPR system the input images (or video stream) should meet an appropriate quality of level. Only a professional camera can meet this level in day and night and in any environment conditions (fog, strong sunlight...).

ARH developed a camera especially for ANPR system the FXCAM IBW_2000.Our Ultra Low Lux B/W ANPR cameras provide high resolution and high intensity even in IR ranges for day or night images.

In this ANPR camera an IR illuminator is integrated which provides optimal conditions for taking an image. This illuminator works as a flash therefore the consumption is very low, about 10W while the light emission is about 2000W. The IR illuminator works at an undetectable rand for human eyes so there is no disturbance for drivers.

The FXCAM IBW_2000 is an all in one unit including a camera, a 2000 Watts IR flash, IR filter and a synchronizer special designed and optimised for vehicle identification applications.

The equipment effective range is from 3 meters to 13 meters depending on the environment conditions and on the quality of the number plates.

The FXCAM has primarily been designed for Automatic Number Plate Recognition applications, but the FXCAM can be perfectly applied in other applications where outstanding image quality is needed.

FXCAM IBW_2000 unit includes the following components:
- High resolution ultra low lux B/W ANPR Camera
- Special 2000 effective Watts infra red illuminator synchronized with the camera
- High quality lens
- Weather proof housing
- Wall mountable bracket
- Internal heating with thermostat

Technical specifications

Camera Sensor B&W, Interlace 1/3" CCD 768x576 (PAL)
Resolution Effective 768x288 (PAL/2)
Lens Fixed, 12/16/25/35/50mm
Iris, focus Manual, factory preset
Operational range 3-13m
Filter IR pass, included
Illumination Built-in IR, 850 nm
LED intensity Fixed
Synch system Internal
Frame Rate per second (FPS) 25FPS
Communication speed ~20FPS (at full size images)
Shutter time Factory preset
1/10000s for odd field
1/100000s for even field
Communication interface RG59, BNC coaxial
Output PAL 1Vp-p 75Ohm
Power input Reverse polarity protection
AC 24-28V AC
DC 24-40V DC
Consumption 7-25W
Heating Included
Compliance RoHS
Temperature Range -20C to +55C
IP class IP 66
Dimensions (inc.sunshield) 240 x 178 x 196mm
Weight (w/o bracket) 4.5kg
Default housing color RAL 9200
Sunshield Included
Wall mount bracket Included
Extra features Plug & play
Technical specifications are subject to change without prior notice